Monitoring Based Commissioning For Facilities Energy Management

If you’ve got a soft spot for energy synonyms, the commercial energy monitoring market will not disappoint. Whether it’s known as Monitoring Based Commissioning, Continuous Optimization, or Real-Time Energy Monitoring, the returns on implementing an analytics driven energy efficiency system is increasingly, an investment worth making. After all, industrial and commercial buildings that propel the economy forward account for 39% … Read More

The Sabal Trail Pipeline And The Role Of FERC In American Energy Infrastructure

If you’re in the hunt for a highly charged topic where energy resources, environmental needs and big business seem to be explosively interwoven; look no further than pipeline politics. The challenges of transporting natural gas or oil across vast expanses, conjures up images of Russian energy flowing into Europe or Middle Eastern oil being piped out to nearby ports for … Read More

Will The Newly Announced Solar Tariff Hinder Growth In America’s Most Prominent Renewable Sector?

(Insights from Brooklyn SolarWorks Co-Founder and CEO T.R. Ludwig) The adoption of solar power in America is a success story on an upwards trajectory. But U.S.-based manufacturing of solar cells and modules is one with a far less rosy narrative. Will a newly introduced tariff on imported solar panels (crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells CSPVs) be enough to rejuvenate America’s waning … Read More