Miles Per Gallon Equivalent and the Determinants of EV Charging Costs

Making accurate and easily consumable comparisons between battery electric vehicles, hybrids and an efficient gas powered model in the same class can still feel abstract. Explaining the value proposition to those not as keen on Evs can be even more daunting. It helps to begin with the key metrics of the mile per gallon equivalent (MPGe) and kWh per mile … Read More

Envetica’s EV and PHEV Charging Study Now Ready!

A big thank you to all survey respondents who participated in Envetica’s electric vehicle charging study. The results of the study along with a market assessment on the future of electric vehicle infrastructure is also included as part of the report. Please see the embedded PDF and leave your comments. 

Synergies for Honda with EV Driving and Electricity Rates

There’s a familiar argument about electric vehicles and it has a lot to do with the source of the electricity that’s used to charge them. Those in the dwindling minority that still stand opposed to the EV revolution on the grounds that some charging still comes from coal-fired plants have fewer and fewer arguments to make. Natural gas has long … Read More

Steep Utility Fees Are Killing Electric Car Charging Stations

(Note: This is the article that originally ran in January 2018 on by Areg Bagdasarian) High utility fees are a major hurdle to electric vehicles and the commercial charging stations that serve them. Despite the success of General Motors’ all-electric Chevy Bolt and widespread anticipation of Tesla’s forthcoming Model 3 electric sedan, public electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations that can … Read More

Demand Charges: The Hidden Roadblock To EV Charging Buildout

The once distant allure of an electrified world has been met with the uplifting reality that this paradigm shift is alive and well underway. Questions about the feasibility and benefits of electric vehicles have been replaced outright with how quickly more vehicles and infrastructure can be rolled out. From the days of General Motors’ EV1 experimental vehicle of the late … Read More