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Zpryme Partnership

Envetica Electric is proud to announce a new partnership with Zpryme on energy research and market studies. Zpryme is a research, media, and events agency focused on energy based in Austin, TX.

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We offer:

Custom Research

Allow us to conduct custom research for your energy business. Whether you’re a utility needing to survey your existing customers, or a startup in the electric vehicle or renewable energy space needing to do product validation, we have the experience to bring you custom insights that will make an actionable difference for your business.

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We offer:

Who We Are

To really develop industry insights from the ground up, it helps to talk to insiders on the front lines. 2010 marked the year Envetica Energy jumped into the energy world with all the associated technological change and industry upheaval this has remade this industry more radically over the last few years than seemingly any time prior. We developed our expertise by interviewing industry experts from the world of electric vehicle charging stations to attorneys specializing in natural gas pipeline development. We’re here to engage you in the energy debate and to keep you well informed on the world of electric vehicles, the accompanying charging infrastructure, and the remaking of the electric grid.

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What We Do

News and Interviews: From our origins interviewing energy insiders and authoring custom articles and thought leadership work, we revel in bringing you breaking news, and analysis from the energy world.

Research Reports: Our research offerings are published on key topic areas in energy with a focus on the electrification of transportation. Our research is based on custom survey data obtained by EV and PHEV drivers who opt-in to our studies.

Custom Research: Contact us for custom research initiatives related to your existing customers or polling a new segment of users to gauge their interest on something new.

Why It Matters

With disruption in energy the new constant, let us help connect you to the right information and the right experts. Our easily digestible insights are available weekly. Our longer thought leadership pieces available on a custom basis or from our research library.

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Envetica Electric is all about the electrification of transportation. As a Washington D.C. based media enterprise, we bring you news, interviews and original thought leadership on the world of electric vehicles, electric vehicles infrastructure, self-driving technology and the future of the energy landscape. We also offer custom research services and content focused not only on consumer and industry trends but the local and federal energy policies that are reshaping transportation.

For our custom research services, we specialize in conducting user surveys that become the primary input for our market studies. Current studies are available for review in our Custom Research section. Those interested in commissioning new research should also reach out to our research team at [email protected].

Your engagement and commentary on our news and industry interviews are invaluable to us.  That engagement allows us to accelerate our mission. Now more than ever, the electrification of transportation is bringing profound change to populations across the planet. New sustainable jobs, reductions in toxic emissions and a new energy future are just a sampling of what’s to come.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for other energy transportation topics you’d like to see covered on Envetica Electric and as always, much gratitude for your continued support!